Book of Kingdoms, Online Slot Machines Full of Puzzles

Book of Kingdoms slot gambling is a type of online slot machine that is full of puzzles so that players must be brave explorers to find opportunities to open big wins. During exploring the game, you will not be alone because there is a team consisting of a snake woman, a monkey, and the sultan who accompany your trip.

This team will help the odds bettor face during betting on the slot machine to successfully score up to 20x the bet. Embark on a fun and profitable adventure right now by turning the spin knob!

Judi slot Book of Kingdoms

Book of Kingdoms, Online Slots with Hidden Treasures

Lots of hidden treasures and waiting for judi pulsa online players to take them in online slot machines with 3 x 5 line formation and reels and RTP 96.69%. This slot machine also carries 25 paylines that are ready to change the bettor’s destiny. With a 3 x 5 formation, you must immediately prepare yourself because you will be taken to an adventure to obtain fantastic wealth.

Yes, that’s true because Pragmatic Play, which is the developer of this online slot machine, has provided a Mega Jackpot that can be activated when the player gets the silver coin symbol. If you succeed in activating the mega jackpot feature, you may succeed in increasing the amount paid up to 1000x the bet. Apart from the mega jackpot feature, slots from Pragmatic Play also allow players to trigger the money response feature. The function and use of the money response feature is to make the bettor receive an additional payment if the roll stops at the money symbol.

There are still many puzzles to solve from the ancient Egyptian civilization in this online slot game. Like the secret of getting a treasure trove of 20,000x the bet by playing 25 paylines. Then, change your destiny by becoming the king of this game after successfully getting the maximum rewards!

Take advantage of the Free Spin and Money Spin Features to Achieve Victory

Before reaching a big win, maximize your game by knowing the symbols for multiplying the value of the bet below.

10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, for 5 payline the slot machine will pay you 2x the stake.

  • Monkey, the 5 payline slot machine will pay you 8x the stake.
  • Snake Lady, for 5 payline slot machines will pay you 12x the stake.
  • Sultan, for 5 payline slot machines will pay you 16x the stake.
  • Explorer, for 5 payline slot machines will pay you 20x the stake.

The most profitable symbol in this game is the royal book symbol which acts as Wild. If you successfully land the royal book symbol in 4 paylines, the player will receive a bonus of 20 times the bet placed. This symbol can also activate the free spins feature which is a great opportunity for you to get secrets from hidden treasure.

Then to win bigger payouts, there are two features that players must activate in this online slot machine. The first is the money respin feature and the other is the free spins feature. Here are the benefits of the bettor who successfully activated these two beneficial features.

The Money Respin feature allows players to get an additional big payout if they succeed in having 5 silver coin symbols in each round.

Free Spin feature, allows players to enter the bonus round with fantastic pay. In that round, the bettor must form a new winning combination and receive a big payout.

That’s all about the Book of Kingdoms slot which is a puzzle game from Pragmatic Play. If you already understand how profitable online gambling is, please play at the official agent at