Dragon tiger can you benefit from here

Dragon Tiger is a video slot type online gambling game that was recently released by Pragmatic Play, to be precise in October 2020. Online slots have great abilities such as changing the destiny of the bettor who plays them with high luck. You will also play alongside two magical creatures called heavenly beasts in a 5 x 4 formation to win the destiny-changing battle.

Dragon Tiger, a slot machine that can change destiny

Bring the dragons and tigers together in the game, then take advantage of the free spin feature to enter the game with 20 lucrative odds. Therefore, you can get the wild symbol first and then land on the symbol that activates the multiplier payout mode of 2-5 times. Now it’s time to enter the destiny changer game from Pragmatic Play situs judi terpercaya to unite two heavenly beasts namely a dragon and a tiger by pressing the spin button.

Gather Dragon and Tiger Spirits for Promising Betting Results!

The Dragon Tiger online slot tells the story of two heavenly animals, namely dragons and tigers in a 5 x 4 formation. This game is quite interesting because there are 1024 ways for players to win it. Uniting these two heavenly beast spirits is not too difficult, especially since this type of online slot machine is known to be equipped with an RTP of 96.5% and has a fairly low level of difficulty.

Meanwhile, the number of payline games that take the background of the story from Asian culture is 1024. The number of paylines is large so it is worth trying to play it once in a while. The dragon and tiger slot machines are also equipped with a free spin feature via wild symbols designed by Pragmatic Play.

Get the game in Indonesian from a trusted agent and access it via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Thus, you can enjoy the battle that takes place between the two heavenly beings in a 5 x 4 formation that appear on their respective screens.

Steps to Play Pragmatic Play Dragon and Tiger Slots

This online slot consists of 1024 paylines with a formation of 5 reels and 4 lines, each of which has a different symbol. The symbols possessed by the tiger and dragon slot machines from Pragmatic Play also hold low and high pay, depending on the combination the player gets at the end of the round. Due to the large number of paylines, it is possible for bettors to gain wealth by uniting the two heavenly beings. Especially if the battle screen succeeds in displaying the following victory symbols.

  • Cards 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, 5 paylines will get a 2.5x bet multiplier.
  • Blue Fish, 5 paylines will get a 3x bet multiplier.
  • Red Rabbit, 5 paylines will get a 3x bet multiplier.
  • Green Frog, 5 paylines will get a bet multiplier of 3.75x.
  • Purple Tortoise, 5 paylines will get a bet multiplier of 3.75x.
  • White Tiger, 5 paylines will get 7.5x bet multiplier.

The wild symbols in the dragon and tiger slot machine games are symbolized by the dragon logo which will only land on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels.As for the bonus symbol that will appear on the player’s screen, the payout value reaches 20x if all five reels stop on the symbol. specified on this machine.

Dragon and Tiger Slots Provide Reduction for Betting Fees

The cost of betting every time the bettor spins the dragon and tiger reel slot machines is very affordable and arguably cheap. By only paying 0.20 – 100 engine revolutions using the buttons provided, you have the right to determine your own bet value that you want to spend one time playing.

What are you waiting for? Immediately bet on the Dragon Tiger Pragmatic Play online slot which has 1024 profitable paylines!