Explanation and Guide to How to Play 7 Cards Poker

Hello dear online gambling friends wherever you are. How’s your turn over so far? The author hopes very much for your victory always. Before telling the essence of the article that the author is going to discuss for all of you right now, do you know how many different types of gambling games in the online casino category, the names and rules of the games can be said to be almost the same?

Maybe some of you guys only know various types of games such as online slot gambling games or maybe online Capsa gambling games. But that doesn’t matter, of course this is because even these two online casino category games are still divided into many more types, for example for the type of online slot games there are Classic Slot games, Megaways Slot games, Progressive Jackpot Slot games, Multiline Slot games, and so on. there are many more and it is recorded that there are two types of Capsa gambling games, namely the Capsa Susun game and the Capsa Banting game.

The two types of gambling games in the online casino game category are indeed true by having names and game rules that are almost similar, but here for the actual number there are 3 types of games for this type of capsa gambling game and the other is often referred to as online casino poker gambling. . Are you surprised to find out that there are other types of poker games on official online gambling agent sites on the internet?

Actually, there are 6 types of poker gambling games on the Casino agent site, one of which is the Draw Five Card poker game. This type of online Draw Five Card poker gambling game is a poker game that you often find, see also play on official online gambling sites. But of course the author here will not discuss the popular type of Draw Five Card poker, because what the author will discuss here with you all is one of the various types of poker called Stud poker, another name is Seven-Card poker.

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and differences between Online Stud Poker Gambling and Five-Card Poker, these are the factors that can be seen and become the difference:

  • Number of Hole Cards Received

Do you know the meaning of Hole Card? In Poker games, the term hole card means the first card obtained from the Dealer, if in the game you know the online poker gambling player gets a Hole Card (Draw Five-Card) a total of two cards, in this Stud poker game the number of Hole Cards increases. into three cards.

  • Number of Community Cards

The next difference between these two types of online poker is the number of Community Cards. If in the Five Card poker game there are 5 Community Cards, then in this online Seven Card poker there are only 4 Community Cards. And for the Community Card Five Card online poker gambling game, where all the cards will be distributed openly. This is clearly very different from the rules of online poker Stud gambling where the Community Card is divided in the condition that there are cards that are dealt in an open card position but there are also cards that are dealt in a closed state.

  • Number of Cards From Each Game Round

The total cards that players get in the game when the round reaches the last round in the hand along with the Community card for the Five Card poker game and the Stud poker game or Seven Card poker are the same, namely 7 cards.

  • The number of game rounds in these two games is different

In the Five Card online poker gambling game depobos, in general, it can reach 6 rounds in one round of play, while in the Seven Card poker game there are only 4 rounds for one round of play.

  • The Bet Value Always Increases

For 5 card poker games, usually the amount of bets on an online gambling game will only increase in number in the middle when one of the players wants to add a bet or in poker language it is called raise, double down or all in. This is very different from the 7 card poker game because in Stud online poker gambling, for each round in the game there will be an automatic addition of bets. For example, the initial bet at the online poker gambling betting table is 10 thousand, then in the second round the next bet will appear whose amount will be 20 thousand or double.

Do you understand the differences and how to play the popular 5 card poker game and 7 card poker game? Thus, hopefully the information in this article can be of use to all of you when you find and want to play poker games on the online casino site of your choice and thank you.