Guide How to Play Capsa Susun Easily

The history of this stacking capsa susun card game originally came from the Chinese in the 10th century during the reign of the Chinese empire at that time. This game was originally used as a medium to communicate with gods according to local beliefs at that time. But in some other theories this game is played by shepherds with concepts such as chess games that require a good strategy to win. At first this game was still played using carved wood until it finally began to evolve with the presence of more practical cards.

The capsa stacking game is played with playing cards totaling 52 cards. These playing cards are divided into 4 types and colors, namely Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs, where each type and color consists of 13 cards that have consecutive numbers (A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen and King).

From the 52 playing cards, it is rooted in a game that is very well known in the Asian continent. As I said above, these games are very famous in Indonesia, namely Capsa Susun and Capsa Banting. This game has a combination of cards similar to the combination of cards in poker gambling games, only different in the rules of the game.

The arrangement of cards in How to Play Capsa Susun Online

Capsa means the number 13 in the Chinese dialect, describing a game played by 4 players. Each of these players will get 13 cards which will be shuffled first by the dealer before being distributed to them. Then these 4 players will arrange their cards in such a way that it will produce a combination of cards with the highest to lowest values. Capsa Susun is a card game that has the correct combination and consists of 3 lines.

The Basic Structure of Playing Capsa Susun

Stacking cards is the basis of this online game, and it is crucial. Because this is the first step to your victory.

  • Basic line arrangement

The combination with the highest value will be placed on the base line consisting of 5 cards. This rule requires the players who have the highest combination of cards to place them on the bottom line.

If the combination is placed in the middle, then the player will commit a violation of the game or it can also be called a stacking error and will be penalized by a landslide defeat.

  • Mid-line arrangement

This line is the same as the basic arrangement of this line which consists of 5 cards, the condition for this middle line is that it must not have a combination greater than the basic line arrangement. If the player puts a combination of card values ​​higher than the arrangement on the bottom line, the player commits a violation and is subject to a heavy defeat penalty.

  • Top line arrangement

This line consists of the remaining 3 cards, usually in this line the chances of getting a good combination become increasingly difficult. However, in this difficulty, you will get more winnings when you get the highest combination, which is 3 of a kind in Indonesian, better known as Tris. And this top line arrangement must not exceed a card combination greater than the base line arrangement and the middle line arrangement. If a player places a combination of card values ​​higher than the arrangement in the middle line, the player commits a violation and is penalized for a crushing defeat.

Here I want to provide you with an overview of the cards with the largest to the smallest combinations that are played in the capsa stacking game, as well as the designations for the card line arrangement that you often hear when playing live or online in Indonesia.

Term / Card Slang in Capsa Susun

There are several card combinations in the judi bola nova88 famous capsa stacking game in Indonesia, namely:

  • Salun is a combination of capsa stacking games to get a combination of 3 pairs of cards arranged in 1 pair in succession in succession
  • Silun is a combination of card positions with a total of 4 pairs arranged by prioritizing 2 pairs in the lower line, then a combination of 1 pair in the middle line and 1 pair in the upper line or only with 2 pairs in the middle line.
  • Golun is a combination of card positions with a total of 5 pairs
  • Tris is a combination of 3 of kind
  • Series is a combination of five cards with consecutive numbers or Straight
  • Pelas is a Flush Combination which is a series of 5 cards with the same flower symbol
  • Piting is a combination of 4 of kind
  • Polo is a combination of Full house cards
  • Polo momo is a combination of Full house cards with only high cards in the middle line and the top line
  • Nyender polo is a combination of full house cards plus 1 pair
  • Pelesi is a Straight flush combination
  • Capsa is a combination of consecutive cards from A to King