How to play the Tree of Riches slot

Tree of Riches – This is a game that is quite popular. It has even been played by many circles. This game play is not only played by parents, adults only. But until now, this game is also widely known among children.

This tree of riches game is also one of the games made by pragmatic play. Of course there are many other games released by Pragmatic Play. It’s just that this time we try to discuss one of the games that is quite popular and the most widely played.

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How to Play Online Games

For those of you who are playing this type of online game for the first time, of course, you can experience confusion regarding how to play the game. However, things like this can be overcome if you read the guidelines that we provide.

You can also read this article until it’s finished in order to be able to play your favorite game Tree of Riches. Stay tuned for this article so that you understand very well about playing the tree of riches game.

In online game play, there will be around 3 scrolls in the column. Then the column has 3 images of different colors. Furthermore, there will also be 1 image of a golden tree.

You need to know that in this game, you can get large numbers of wins. Even these big wins are easy enough for you to achieve when you understand how to play them. And also understand the best technique when playing. Continue reading this article, how are the techniques that can give you bigger wins.

Getting to Know the Types of Game Pictures

On game play. Later you will find a golden tree. The golden tree is actually a “wild.” Often also known as the “Jackpot.” When a game play bandar slot terbaru is being played. Usually this wild image appears quite often.

In a condition usually the image appears as a whole. So with this it usually often replaces other images across the slots. When you get a wild picture while playing the game. Congratulations, you can get paid more than usual.

Payments are usually made randomly. Among them, namely making random payments 5 times, 8 times to 10 times. This applies if you get 1 wild image in one game.

If you get more than 1 wild picture. Let’s say you get 2 wild images. Namely there is an empty space. Then later you can get the winning combination of game play.

Later all games will be paid for. Especially from the left and right side of the payline that has been determined by the site. Or the online game provider.

Winnings that are won or won will be multiplied by the number of bets on each line.

Recognizing The Types Of Symbols In A Game.

In the online game game tree of riches. There are many types of symbols that you can find. Each of these symbols certainly has a different meaning. In terms of having different functions.

In the tree of riches game, there is a plus symbol (+) and a minus symbol (-). You can use this symbol when you want to double the bet amount. If you want to increase the bet amount, you can choose to press the plus (+) menu. Press the symbol until it shows the bet number you want at one game.

If you want to reduce the bet amount. Of course, you can take advantage of the minus (-) button feature. The same is the case with the (+) symbol. You can press the button until it shows the desired bet number.

Then between the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. There is one other symbol. You can use this symbol function to start the game. If you want to start the game, then press the symbol.

You can actually play tree of riches online games automatically. In the sense that it can be played automatically. It’s just enough to have a risk if you use it continuously.

With auto play, it is clear that you cannot reduce or increase the number of bets in one game. When you play auto play, then the bet amount is large enough. But it didn’t get the desired result. Obviously this is very detrimental.

Therefore, you should use the auto play feature only occasionally. The goal is that you can control the amount of your winnings and keep your previous deposit. In essence, the tree of riches online game game must be played quite patiently. Especially if you want to get a win every time you play.

Know the types of settings in the game Tree of Riches

After getting to know some of the features that exist in the previous Tree of Riches game. Another thing you need to understand is related to the type of setting. Usually known as the arrangement.

You need to understand this, the goal is that later you can make quite useful settings so that the game tree of riches game becomes more interesting. It can even give you a bigger win every time you play it.

Some of the settings in the Tree of Riches game are as follows:

Spin turbo

Turbo spin settings are quite useful when you run an online game game Tree of Riches. One of them can spin each roll faster than usual. The speed can be 1 times faster than before.

When using this feature. It is also possible that you can get wilds more often. Therefore, you can achieve victory quite easily.

Fast spin

Basically this fast spin doesn’t go that far with the turbo spin. Namely, it can make rounds faster than usual. It can even open up opportunities to win and get wilds more often.

Other settings that exist in the online game tree of riches. Namely settings to turn off music, battery saver. All the existing settings are of course quite useful and can help you when playing the game tree of riches game.

So, those are some things that are quite important for you to understand before playing the tree of riches online game. All the settings described above, of course, you need to understand and learn. The goal is for you to get it easier when playing the tree of riches game.

Hopefully this explanation can be useful for you. Especially if you want to start the game. If you want to play the tree of riches game. Of course our site Permainan Taruhan Slot can be the best recommendation for you.