How to Play Vegas Magic Slots Completely

Vegas magic slot games are one form or type of online gambling that is interesting to try and play. Because it has some excitement that gives you the satisfaction of continuing to play and win it. Especially for those of you who are just playing and joining, of course, you have to start various online slot games.

How to Play Vegas Magic Slots Completely

In this stage, for those of you who want to try it and don’t really understand some of the terms in play daftar judi slot, we will explain it. Of course, the process is almost the same, but there are slight differences regarding the symbols and the rules only. For more information and explanation, see the following review.

What is Vegas Magic Slot?

In its development, this one game is almost the same as other games, but still provides interesting advantages to get. This slot game has a size of 3 × 5 with 3 rows and 5 columns. Each reel will have a payment index that varies from one another.

The process is you still find several terms in online slot games, here you will find the wild or commonly known as the joker which functions to replace all symbols. Interestingly, the card is included in the magic card or protector, than you find the scatter that cannot be the same that appears in 2,3, and 4.

Here is a complete explanation of the game, namely:

1. Wild Vegas Magic

Basically this is one provision or symbol that has the function to replace all symbols. In this stage you will symbolize hanging from the winning line, of course the process will extend vertically and pull it again if the wild symbol on the tumble will remain and will not change.

2. Scatter

If you get a scatter symbol, then you have a chance to get and boost multiplication in game wins. Of course you have to get 3 symbols in any column, later when it appears, then you will get a win based on that multiplication.

3. Tumble

Those of you who are new to playing might be confused about this feature, but this is very easy to understand and understand. The Tumble feature is a process where win symbols are paid and win symbols disappear. Symbols that have disappeared and are empty will be replaced with symbols that originate at the top.

Every tumble that has disappeared, the winnings will be multiplied in the 2x process and an increase every 1x. This process will continue to appear, of course it will not stop until there is no winning combination. After you win, everything goes straight to the existing balance.

4. There are 20 Combinations

In this game there are 20 combinations that are so many and large compared to the combination of slot games in general. Winning is calculated or paid is based left to right. To get a win, of course, you must be able to find the same combination and match the slot game.

5. Play menu

On the main page of the website you will find the playing process, there you will be able to set up or down bets, process settings in the game, and view information about deposits or playing balances. In the settings you can adjust the needs as desired.

Later you can set Spin, Intro Screen, Color, Sound, and Game History which can be seen and noticed clearly.

Now that’s a complete review of the Vegas Magic slot game that you can understand and know clearly, hopefully the information above is useful.